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theSCENE Website Design Competition

Posted by Daniel.Blaze on 30.09.2009 at 4.28 pm

Warez-bb's very own magazine: theSCENE is coming to a milestone. Nearly 20 issues have been released, and with this, we are looking for a makeover!

Following the success of Wadio's competition, we are looking for one talented individual to help us design a new layout for theSCENE's own website!

No coding experience is needed! All we require is a layered PSD file. We shall do the rest.

Deadline: 30th October 2009

Submit to:

Email Subject Header: theSCENE website design by "Username here"

Entries not sent by email will not be considered.

Preferred format entry is a link to a zip or rar file containing the PSD(s)

Details can be found here

All the best to those participating

The Editors