Hello. My name is Andrew Prendergast.

I was born in Luton, UK where I still live. I am fifteen years old and still in school. I hope to go onto university and study something to do with Graphic/Web Design.

I will try to put up more examples in the near future. My designs are usually simple, but I will not be reluctant to stray away from that style. My code follows on from the style of my design, and is simple. I may start to use a CMS in the future like Wordpress to broaden my horizons and maybe create something like a blog.

I have just started with web design but I do not feel that is a disadvantage as many of the elements of which I used to do in graphic design fit into web design. I am getting better every day and my code is always done by hand, unless it is a new piece of code I am learning. I use Photoshop to make a concept design and then Dreamweaver to code them. I try to use as minimal images as possible as I believe this creates a better experience for the website user.

I am not very good at writing huge pieces about myself, so enjoy this white light-blueish space.